The GE SuperRadio Frequently Asked Questions List

compiled by David C. Moisan, N1KGH
April 4th, 2003

In this FAQ, I've assembled the net.wisdom on one of the most popular radios for AM (mediumwave) and FM DXing, the General Electric Superadio. There were four versions of the radio, and the latter two (II and III) are covered here.

Included are several Superadio mods that I know about; if you've modified yours, let me know about it and it'll be included here.

This FAQ is divided into sections for easier browsing. A PDF version and a zipped HTML version are also available. I no longer offer the plain text version, due to the difficulties of keeping it in sync with the HTML version.


General Information

Technical Questions

Appendix A: Repairs and Modifications

Superadio II

Superadio III

Appendix B: Resources and Acknowledgments

Side Notes and Related Topics

General Information

What is the GE Superadio? Does it do shortwave?

The General Electric Superadio III (abbreviated SR III) is an AM (mediumwave)/FM radio designed for long-range, high-fidelity listening. It's the radio of choice for many AM and FM DXers.

It doesn't do shortwave. What it does do is tune the AM (mediumwave) band from 530-1705 KHz and the FM band from 88-108 MHz; it doesn't receive FM stereo (nor AM stereo either). There's a wide/narrow switch for AM reception. It has an excellent sound system, with a 2-way speaker and bass and treble controls.

Unlike most AM/FM radios the SR III has additional RF stages, a big (200 mm) ferrite loopstick for AM, and an external antenna jack.

Where do I find one?

The GE Superadio is available from many retailers, including Sears and Canadian Tire, among others. Bennett Brothers is at least one mail-order source for the radio; Street price is between $35-$55. J&R Music World in NYC also has it in stock and ships fast: 1-800-221-8180.

Refurbished radios may or may not be available from Thomson Consumer Electronics at 800-933-5489; price is around $26 + $6 S&H, but call first.

I'm outside the US. How do I get a Superadio?

Richard Hunt:

"For UK residents, the easiest way to get a GE Superadio is to order one from one of the dealers who advertise in the World Radio TV Handbook, for example Universal Radio in Ohio. The easiest way of paying is to use your credit card. Most companies accept Visa, Access/MasterCard and American Express. The major added cost will be shipping: surface mail will add USD 20 or so (and may take 6-8 weeks), airmail up to USD 50 (delivery in 10-14 days). UK Customs & Excise will add import duty and VAT, which will be collected by the post office when they deliver (they will charge GBP 5 for this "service").

Bringing a Superadio back from a trip to the US is also possible, but it is quite large, and you may have trouble with airline/airport security. DO NOT pack it in checked baggage. Carry it on in hand luggage and be prepared to demonstrate it working. Go through the RED channel at Customs and pay the VAT. Getting caught in the Green channel will most likely result in at least public embarrassment and having to pay up anyway, at worst, confiscation of your Superadio, prosecution, a heavy fine and a criminal record.

The major problem is likely to be power supply. The mains transformer on the Superadio works off 110 volts, 60 Hz. The US plug molded onto the wire won't fit a UK socket - just as well as UK mains is 240V, 50Hz. Feeding 240V into a 110V device will damage it instantly beyond repair. There is no 9V dc input, so you have to rely on batteries, obtain a 240v-110v stepdown transformer or modify the radio internally.

The SR is also available from Bennett Brothers; here's some info from

I often wonder how many GE Superadio II and III sales I've responsible for at Bennett Brothers, being I believe the first one to post about their availibility and price there... (they also sell SONY SW sets, but obviously, no one has ever talked them lowering their prices...) If only I got a commission for each Superadio sale stemming from

People who want to visit the store at 30 East Adams should note that store is located directly west (within a 100 feet) on the north side of the street of the Adams & Wabash train station serving the Midway, Ravenswood and Lake Street routes. The showroom of the store is located on the Second floor and is served by both stairs and an elevator equipped with a human elevator operator(!). You can pre-order the radio so that it is available for pick-up when you get there, so as to avoid delays (It's basically a big warehouse with a showroom.) Their number is (312) 621-1600.

In case overseas readers are wondering what train route this is, the Randolph & Wabash train stop is two stops north, and is the train station where the assassin hides in the movie "The Package" starring Gene Hackman. (Tommy Lee Jones may have played the assassin)...

Bennett Brothers' will ship the SR overseas.

I'm in Australia. Can I get an SR?

Yes. Several vendors (Grace Bros. and Dick Smith Electronics) sell the SR II, locally modified for 240V operation. Price is A$100.

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