A Superadio 1-1/2? The GE #3-5280C AM/FM/cassette portable

We know that the Superadio series are GE's best radios for AM/FM DXing. But, were there other good GE radios? Here's a comment I got from hts (beadgal@ptialaska.net):

Hi David-

I am familiar with the GE SR II and III, having sold them in our store for several years (although we and many others have stopped doing so because of tech, QC, and political problems with it).

Yesterday at the local Salvation Army I saw what at first appeared to be a garden-variety early-mid 80s am-fm cassette recorder. I gave Aunt Sally $5 and tossed it in back of jeep. Thing weighed a ton, I noticed.

Just finished cleaning it up. It is a General Electric model 3-5280C has external am and fm ant. screws. plugged it in (its still 5p.m. here-and the entire am dial is filled with stations! One incredible radio working off only the built-in (huge, long) loopstick! It is pulling in stuff that my R390A is barely hearing on 300' outside delta loop. FM is pretty spectacular too as most of our stations are 10 watt translators 15-90 miles away.

Is this a Superradio 1 ? And it has mono cassette with norm/chrome, loudness contour (no filter) woofer/tweeter ins/outs on back. Ever see/hear one of these? Made in Hong Kong.

Interesting. The Superadio design team must have been at least partially responsible for this design. It makes me wonder whether there are other good "consumer" radios for DXing.

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