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Welcome to the N1KGH Radio Page! This page has links to all of my radio-related FAQ's, and a few links to other sites.

Radio FAQ's

The GE Superadio FAQ
Find out why people are using a $50 radio to hear stations across the oceans–or at least across the state!
The ATS-909/DX-398 FAQ
Sangean has made what I and many others believe to be their best radio yet. If you're a newbie–or a hacker–my FAQ tells you all you need to know.
The Carpet Loop
A high-performance indoor shortwave antenna for the apartment!
Connecting your radio to your PC
Connecting a radio to your PC seems easy, but there can be some unexpected complications along the way. This page shows you how to get good audio into your PC without problems.

Other Interesting Radio Links

Prime Time Shortwave
Your source for English-language program schedules!
Funkenhauser's WHAMLOG & Mediumwave DX Links
My most favorite place to surf for all things mediumwave. This is an archive of his site before he closed it. Werner Funkenhauser's site has the best collection of antenna designs I have ever seen! My Carpet Loop is even in there!
The Worldwide Utility News Club
This club's devoted to utility (that is, non-broadcast) monitoring. Good club, great resources!
Dedicated to military monitoring, with audio of interesting intercepts.
Glenn Hauser's World of Radio
Home page of Glenn Hauser's World of Radio DX program.

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