GE Superradio FAQ--Appendix B: Resources and Acknowledgements

Here's a list of vendors that sell the Superradio and related accessories:

DISCLAIMER: Neither myself (David Moisan) nor have any connection to GE/Thomson Electronics nor any of the suppliers listed herein.

Bennett Brothers, Inc., will export a Superadio for you; they have addresses in both New Jersey and Illinois.

Bennett Brothers, Inc.
30 East Adams
Chicago, IL 60603-5676
Orders: (312) 621-1600
(800) 621-2626
Fax: (312) 621-1669
Bennett Brothers, Inc.
211 Island Road
Mahwah, NJ 07430
Orders: (201) 529-1900
(800) 631-3838
Grove Enterprises
7540 Highway 64 West
Brasstown, NC 28902
Orders: (800) 438-8155
(704) 837-9200
Fax: (704) 837-2216

C. Crane Company
558 - 10th Street
Fortuna, California 95540
Phone: (707) 725-9000
(800) 522-8863

Sells the Superadio and the Select-A-Tenna

SCS Radio Technology
5742 Fairoak
Springfield, MO, 65810
Phone: 417-881-8401

Manufacturer of add-on SCA demodulator board for the Superadio.

Bruce F. Elving, PhD
c/o FM Atlas Publishing
P.O. Box 336
Esko, MN 55733-0336

Sells Superadios modified for SCA on both 67 and 92 kHz subcarriers.

Universal Radio
6830 Americana Pkwy.
Reynoldsburg, Ohio 43068
Orders: (800) 431-3939
Info: (614) 866-4267
Fax: (614) 866-2339
SWL Catalog: $1.00

Sells the Superadio.

NRC Publications
Ken Chatterton, Manager
P.O. Box 164
Mannsville, NY 13661-0164

The National Radio Club is a MW club that sells numerous plans and references for MW antennas, including the following:
NRC Antenna Reference Manual, Volume 1
NRC Antenna Reference Manual, Volume 2
Loop Antennas Design and Theory (ISBN 1-878994-06-9)

Send NRC Publications a 29 cent stamp and ask for the NRC Publication Catalog for current pricing.

Acknowledgments and Thanks

The following contributors had much to do with this FAQ. I thank them for their help and advice.

Ralph Brandi, Richard Hunt, Andy Sennitt, Mark Gilstrap, Joe Jesson, Paul R. Mount, Bradlee Beer, Dave Markson, Tim Flannery, Steve Byan, Erik Miller, Patrick McDonald, David Woo, Christopher King, Bill Bonner, and T. David Zimmerman. Special thanks to Chase Cotton for sending me over 300K worth of archived SR postings from shortwave!

This FAQ is dedicated to my late mom, Jeanette. She owned a Superadio (that I bought for her!) and liked it a lot.

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Good listening!

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