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Welcome to XML for Video! XML has become an important standard for representing data structures across different programs and hardware. Many fields and industries are defining markup languages for specific purposes.

So far, no one in the video industry, specifically public-access TV stations, has taken notice of this technology until now.

My aim is to spread the word about XML to everyone in the video business, particularly public-access television and other nonprofits who are using & producing video in their operations. XML is a technology that can make your public-access TV corporation run its operations more efficiently while allowing their staff to serve their users.

Applications that can be developed using XML include, but are not limited to: Scheduling, video bulletin boards, CG template and stylesheets, cue sheets, credits, rights & permissions lists, and program information, among many other possibilities.

Over the next several months, this page will be developed with XML and XSL samples and links to XML resources I presently use.

Java & XML for Public Access Television

This is a presentation I gave at the Association for Community Media conference in Cincinnati, July 1999.

This presentation is provided in PowerPoint and PDF.

XML Schemas, Stylesheets and DTD's

I have one DTD available: TVSCHEDULE. This is a simple DTD designed to represent a week's (or more) programming schedule for one or more public-access TV channels. While the applications are only just being explored, XML documents in this DTD could be used for a wide variety of purposes, including printed and HTML schedules, automation equipment programming and video bulletin boards.

If your browser supports IE5, you can view a sample schedule from Salem Access Television. People without IE5 can still view an HTML version, generated by LotusXSL. (Bear in mind that there may be still a few rough edges between Microsoft's XSL (even IE6) support and that of the LotusXSL processor that was used to generate the HTML.

TVSCHEDULE sample files

  1. The TVSCHEDULE DTD (tvschedule.dtd)
  2. Salem Access TV Example Schedule (satvexample.xml) in XML.
  3. TVSCHEDULE XSL Stylesheet to HTML
  4. SATV example schedule in HTML.



ScXML is a Java program that converts TVSCHEDULE pages to Scala Lingua (TM) scripts that can run on a video bulletin board system. Complete source code, executable class files and test files are provided.

More Resources

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A selection of links to XML FAQ's, tutorials, tools, software and sites.

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