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davidmoisan.org is my personal web site, supporting my endeavors in disability activism, information technology, ham radio and shortwave listening. In my work life, I'm firmly involved in non-profit corporations in a variety of capacities.

I chose davidmoisan.org to fit both my work style and the organizations I choose to work with. I'm not making money off my web site and don't expect to any time soon.

Technical Details

You might be interested in the tools I used to make this site. I own two systems which I use for all my work: My main system, an MSI KT266Pro2 with an Athlon XP 1400 and 512 MB RAM and Windows XP Pro, and a test system, an Asus TX97 AMD K6/2-400 with 256M RAM that runs Debian Linux part of the time when I'm not evaluating software for my clients. While I like and respect Linux, I've never been able to adapt to it for regular use, particularly to X. Both machines are on a small network router that provides internet access through a broadband connection.

Tools I use

These are the tools I used to make this site.

This is an excellent little HTML code editor with many different plug-ins available, such as for CSS, XML, XHTML and (X)HTML validation.
HTML Tidy is a validator and style checker for HTML and XHTML code. I use it to clean up my code, which is very important if you want your pages accessible to people with disabilities, as I do.
Xenu's Link Sleuth
I use this tool to check the links on my web site. It'll even give you a site map!
The GIMP is an excellent open-source graphics editor, a virtual Photoshop clone. I've used it for years in my work as a graphics designer at Salem Access Television. Some art on this site is done with the GIMP and more is planned.
IrfanView is an excellent graphics viewer and converter that can perform many useful graphics tasks, such as format conversion, printing, scanning and image manipuation.
Aladdin Ghostscript
I use both Ghostscript and HTMLDOC to produce PDF documents. Ghostscript is a general purpose program that can be used to view and convert Postscript files to PDF files. Postscript files can come from your printer driver–Adobe has a Postscript driver for Windows, or from application software like TeX in Unix/Linux, among other places.
HTMLDOC is more specialized. It takes in valid HTML files or directories and produces PDF documents. The radio FAQs posted elsewhere on my site were produced in PDF by this program.
ConTEXT and Metapad are text editors I use for programming. Metapad is a superior replacment for Windows Notepad, and ConTEXT is a specialized programming editor with syntax coloring plugins for many different languages.

I also used Microsoft Visio to make the diagrams for my radio FAQ's. A good open-source alternative is Dia.

Site Code Validation and Accessibility

My website is written to XHTML 1.0 and CSS 1. To make my site accessible to people with disabilities, I've followed all Level A requirements for the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative.

Valid XHTML 1.0! Valid CSS 1! Level A conformance icon, W3C-WAI Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0

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