Flag Towers Memorial (2002)

Flag Towers Memorial montage (32K)

Flag Towers Memorial (2002)

About "Flag Towers Memorial"

The monument depicted in my montage is just outside a supermarket in my town of Salem, Massachusetts, USA. A landscaper planted two curbstones vertically to form the towers the day after. Six months later, an anonymous citizen donated the signs and the flags, and it has been maintained ever since, just as it's seen here.

This work was commissioned last year for a local cable TV show that I'm the graphic designer and engineer for. The American flag graphics are from Comstock, who offered and still offers free flag images for non-commercial use. I created my graphics with The GIMP.

It took me a year to decide to create something in rememberance of that day, and two years to put this on the Web.

Never forget.

Never again.

David Moisan
September 11th, 2003

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