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I get many requests for medical assistance. Please know that I am not a physician and cannot offer specific medical advice. The following links point to various health resource pages and search engines. Please note that any information you may get from these links should only be applied under the advice and consent of your physician.

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Selected Search Sites

Alex Brejcha's Internet Disability Resources
Alex Brejcha's page of disability references on the net.
The Invisible Disabilities Advocate
If you've searched for "invisible disabilities" on Google, you've probably found this page, what I like to call the other invisible disability page. Written by Sherri L. Connell, BA, this page poses a necessary answer to the question too often asked of invisibly-disabled people: "But you look so good!"
Google Directory Conditions And Diseases
Index of conditions and diseases from the Google directory
The US National Institutes of Health offer a free MEDLINE search service
Considering an "all natural" remedy? Many people with "invisible" disabilities are often preyed upon by multi-level marketers whose only motivation is to make a quick buck. Before you end up with a depleted wallet, depleted health or worse, read these pages first!

(See also my page on the Sodium laureth sulfate hoax).

Neurology at Mass. General Hospital
Massachusetts General Hospital Neurology department. Forums and a searchable page.
RxList - The Internet Drug Index
RxList Keyword Search (generic drugs)
A searchable prescription drug database. Use the keyword search to look for generic drugs, symptoms, side effects and drug interactions.
MedicineNet (TM) Home Page
Good general medical information site.
Ivanhoe's Medical Breakthroughs
Another informational site, listing the latest medical news, written for a general audience.

Invisible Disability Page
Invisible Disability FAQ and Essay
Dave Moisan's Home Page

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